Blurring the line between work/play

For one of Cooler Master's new flagship models, I took it upon myself to lead and develop the product launch, from concept to campaign. This while working closely together with regional and local marketeers, product developers, industrial designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers. The Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M marks the start of the “Sleek” SL series. Professional design meets gaming performance, blurring the line between work and play.

The Product
Clad in sand-blasted aluminum, the MasterCase SL600M is the centerpiece of the workspace, with the performance capability of housing a gaming setup. Although gaming cases generally look out of place in a professional environment, the MasterCase SL600M keeps both professionalism and performance intact while also taking on noise reduction and airflow. The MasterCase SL600M addresses both noise reduction and thermal efficiency; gaming can become quieter while noise reduction can run cooler. By fusing together the method of cooling with the method of noise-reduction, the MasterCase SL600M enables components to run efficiently for work, for play, and for everything in between.

The Concept
The MasterCase SL600M has two main aspects; Quietness and performance. These aspects, separately, have a certain look and feel. The silence aspect connects to the elegant exterior and the unique internal layout. With the focus on natural airflow, which aims towards the professional designer, the performance aspect mainly has to do with the efficiency and compatibility of the case which calls to the gamers. These two aspects can be visualized into a daytime and nighttime environment, the daytime will have the minimal, clean and light feeling, where the nighttime will have a dark, rich RGB lighting feel. Daytime connects to the elegance and silence, where the night time connects to the performance. This setup environment will be an exact copy, but both focusing on a different aspect, just like the MasterCase SL600M, silent and elegant, but yet efficient and performance.

Design Outcome

digital marketing content

The launch video (as shown above) has been the main focus for this project. Every other aspect that we created for this product to be launched has been all based around the same concept and visual identity. From managing photography to creating offline and online ads and co-working with external and internal partners to create the best within a given budget was not an easy task.