The 5-day Relapse

I started out brainstorming about the things I like and which of those are interesting to work with. I used the knowledge I gained from the previous project and choose something current and personal. Recently I quit smoking, and since there are a lot of aspects one doesn’t think about when thinking of smoking I thought I could work with that. I started gathering a lot of data about me and smoking. Why I started in the first place, influences around me, places, social connections etc.

During my research phase I got some inspiration and knowledge by watching Ted talks, one of them was a photographer who did these gigantic data visualizations of just one issue each time. Others are illustration inspirations and info-graphic directions.

Concept & Process
After doing research I came up with a few potential ideas. The one I choose was a 5 day relapse of smoking after I had quit for over two months, recording that data and bringing it together into a small zine publication with the use of info-graphics and illustrations to give it a humorist and personal twist.

In the design phase I gathered the most interesting personal details and stories to develop a series of illustration communicating these stories. I first hand drew them and digitalized them afterwards.

The different random data I collected over those 5 days had to be visualized in a way that it could be understood but also still is interesting to look at. That’s the reason why I choose to do different things related to the subject and smoking and cigarettes. Combining photography with information design.