Together with my @work student design-team, we were challenged to create a new issue of the SiNTLUCAS school magazine, called 'Zine'. The overall theme was 'creative community', which is the 'interaction' and 'collaboration' between students, teachers, and the creative industry. We used these keywords 'interaction and 'collaboration' as a baseline for our design process.


Design Outcome

magazine design

Throughout the magazine we have illustrated an autonomous image, in which students and teachers of all creative fields within the school have collaborated by simply following our guidlines and stick random pieces and colours of masking tape onto a big white sheet. The linework illustrates the 'creative community', they cross-over, connect, and combine.
To get the best result we have had several one on one talks with printing and binding companies, and due to those talks we were able to add an extra layer of interaction. We have used the 'Japanese Binding Technique' to create curiosity in which you have to tear pages apart to reveal the student work that is hidden inside.