Raising the Bar(s)

For one of Cooler Master's existing flagship models, I took it upon myself to lead and develop the product launch, from concept to campaign. This while working closely together with regional and local marketeers, product developers, industrial designers, copywriters, photographers and videographers. The COSMOS C700M, the latest addition to the COSMOS series. Known for pushing the limits of Cooler Master’s case technology, new tech, design elements, and features are fused together by a series that represents “Raising the Bar(s)”. The COSMOS C700M is in the highest “Maker” segment of products, standing at the technological peak of the COSMOS lineup.

The Product
The freedom in layout organization and the support for unique graphics card mounting make custom building accessible as soon as the COSMOS C700M is unboxed. Designed to inspire growth in builders across all levels - since the chassis is only as complex as builders need it to be, there will always be room to creatively experiment. If modders decide to take customization even further, the COSMOS frame allows for sandbox-level versatility. The COSMOS C700M keeps Raising the Bar(s) on custom PC’s by inspiring builders to escape from the “standard” layout.

The Concept
Designed to inspire growth in builders across all levels, the Cosmos C700M has customazation straight out of the box. The product can be taken apart and put back in a lot of different oriantation to truly make the building experience yours. Showcasing the lego-like approach of building a system and highlighting the new and impoved features. This accross various mediums with a high focus on video creation.

Design Outcome

digital marketing content

The launch video (as shown above) has been the main focus for this project. From building computer systems and managing videography and photography to creating offline and online ads. Because this product is about the entire experience we included behind the scene footage to use as an additional tool amplifying the building experience during content creation.